The UK’s smallest tern needs your help

Little Terns face many pressures and are highly sensitive to disturbance. To help this rare seabird, Essex Wildlife Trust has been working hard to create optimum Little Tern habitat on their reserves.  Please see their Little Tern project page for more information.

The Trust is also raising local awareness of these small summer visitors in the Blackwater and Colne estuaries. By highlighting the impact that land- and water-based activities can have on these birds and offering ways we can all help them, they hope to give the Little Terns the best chance of success whilst enabling people to enjoy our wonderful estuaries.

Little Terns need your help! Please keep dogs on leads and keep your distance from areas where birds are nesting as these birds are very sensitive to disturbance from people and dogs. If you see birds nesting please report your sightings

The leaflet below gives more information on the Little Tern project and how you can help these birds during the nesting season.