Policies and procedures

Terms of Use

Essex Wildlife Trust encourages the sharing of species and habitat data to assist in promoting evidence-based conservation. We are currently working to share data with other organisations in Essex and to increase the availability of data across the county. Species and habitat data held by Essex Wildlife Trust will be shared with our partner organisations according to our Terms and Conditions of Use. By sending us records you are giving consent for your data to be used in this way.


Recording on Essex Wildlife Trust reserves

You are welcome to record your wildlife sightings as you visit our reserves, but collecting records away from a public right of way or permissive footpath will require a permit from Essex Wildlife Trust due to the risk of disturbance to sensitive species. If you wish to collect biological records on Essex Wildlife Trust reserves we request that you make a copy of those records available to us to use freely and exchange with our data partners. For more information please see our Policy for Recording on Trust Reserves, or contact us for details. Ownership of any data remains with the original data provider unless specified otherwise.


Privacy policy and use of cookies

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Regional Policies

Essex Wildlife Trust works with other local records centres in the East of England region to share ideas and best practice. As a result we have developed regional standards that we aim to meet for data searches.


Essex Wildlife Trust was actively involved in the development of the regional Standard Minimum Service for data provision by local records centres. All data provision for service level agreements meets this regional standard.

The Code of Conduct for Eastern region LERCs can be accessed here.


Our metadata statement can be accessed here: