State of the UK's Barn Owls 2017

The Essex Barn Owl Conservation project has contributed data to the "National State of the UK's Barn Owls" report for the second year running. The report suggests that 2017 was a good year for barn owls, with nesting occupancy 24% better in Essex than in 2016.

In five years the Essex Barn Owl Conservation Project has grown from strength to strength; we now have 164 landowners who have provided their land as sites for nest boxes, businesses who have generously donated materials and support and 52 dedicated volunteers who help with all elements of the project. 261 nest boxes have been installed since 2013. Although the project is in its infancy in statistical terms, we are beginning to observe trends.

As well as 164 landowners and managers supporting the project by providing sites for nestboxes, we are fortunate to have the support of fifty-two volunteers who build and monitor them, and a number of local companies that donate time, materials and expertise.

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