State of the UK's Bats Report shows bat populations recovering

The State of UK bat populations has improved in recent years according to to a new report published by the Bat Conservation Trust.

The State of the UK's Bats 2017 Report suggests that most species of bat in the UK have population trends that have either remained stable or increased in recent years. This is thought to be due to the positive impact of current legislation and conservation action to protect bats. Whilst this recent increase is good news, bat populations have undergone significant historical declines dating back to at least the start of the 20th century. Many of the pressures on bat populations that caused these declines still remain, including roost and habitat loss, increased urbanisation, and impacts caused by artificial lighting. In addition, other threats such as inappropriate siting of wind turbines may also still pose a threat. 

The National Bat Monitoring Programme is a volunteer programme aiming to monitor bat populations and better understand how bats use our landscape to provide practical recommendations on how landscapes can be improved for bats. More information about the monitoring programme and a copy of the report can be accessed from the Bat Conservation Trust Website.