The LERC team. Left to right: Sarah Binnie; Lorna Shaw; Kate Hayward; Dana Knollova


Dana Knollova - Biological Records Centre Assistant

Dana has worked for the Essex Wildlife Trust Biological Records Centre since April 2016 and prior to that for Essex Wildlife Trust's consultancy arm EECOS. Dana deals with data search enquiries for the Records Centre. To request a data search please email Dana works 2.5 days per week.


Sarah Binnie - Biological Records Centre Assistant

Sarah supports the Biological Records Centre data search service and the mapping work at the Trust. Prior to starting work at the Records Centre Sarah studied at the University of Exeter campus in Cornwall. To request a data search please email


Kate Hayward - Biological Records Centre Mapping Assistant

Kate supports the digital mapping work of Essex Wildlife Trust and the Biological Records Centre. Kate works 2 days per week.